Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dating Marathon..4 guys in 4 days!!!

hey guys hows it doing.....?? y'all bin good???
well.. this week was very interesting for me... tried a dating marathon.... yup a dating was fun.. as well as insightful...
This was my last week before school so i'm like why the heck here is an account of the various dates.... :p
1st guy...Brown dude....went out for drinks at 10 and a lovely cosy cafe called symposium... was fun... dude got me laughing the whole time...( plus one point)
so he came over to pick me up... nice black bmw...leather seating... nice cologne..(plus one point)...opened the door for me... complimented me on my dress..
we go over to symposium... he opens the door for me...and waits for me to seat first...takes charge... orders something for me...(gosh i love it when guys do that)...we talk for was fun.. found out he was in cs...and in college... but works part time.. lives with parents (minus one point) :( was laughing the whole time..and he drops me home later on... we decide it was a lovely date and give it another chance...
Tuesday.. went on a date to a restaurant with another guy... lets call him jay.... tall, 6ft blond hair blue eyes think owen wilson... oyinbo guy... he was more serious tho...the outdoorsy type...surfing , camping and all.... telling me he wants to take me to a cottage so we can go hiking... hell naw... i think i prefer cars... and the city!!! hiking ko!!! hiking ni!!!! just fine for nothing...:p had a lovely dinner and good convo over some nice calamaris and quesadillas... washing it down with some nice Chardonnay .. i loved the fact that he was very tall and i could barely meet his shoulders and very built...nice body!!...but he was too serious tho... talking about work and all that... and what kept him interesting was the wine i was gulping every minute.. dropped me home... asked for another date... told him i was :p
Wednesday... met with brown dude again... saw a movie... talked at length...found out he is Hindi and uncircumcised!!! (red alert) that cannot work at all mehnn!!!! like really any form of likeness i had for him went down the drain!!!! he was real funny and tried to kiss me.. gave him the cheek... first things first boy!!!.. hugging him goodnight i feel a boner... see me see trouble oo!!!!
uncircumcised?? like what d hell!!! :(
Thursday... i know I'm supposed to have a date with some matt guy!!! nice credentials... stock broker..oxford grad...downtown kinda guy... but i took a rain check... i needed to just chill at home... spoke to brown dude on the phone...told him i couldn't ... n was direct...i cant deal with the fact u worship gods and your pipi is uncircumcised... m sorry.. but that's me being direct... so there's no need u calling me :) him the lets be friends line... but lets face it... homie sounded too humiliated to ever want to call me back.. :(
Friday.... went to the movies with another oyinbo..lets call him G.. G came to my door with nice hand picked flowers... was touched how cute ( now my room smells of lilies) we have quite a lot in common... he loves dogs too..nice dude..into real estate..not that tall..5'10 but ok enough.......inglorious bastards...the movie sucked!!! well i thought it was going to be a funny movie but i found it too serious and gory for me... dropped me home... called later.. spoke a while .. sent me a msg about how he loved the way i smelt n how pretty i looked... nice nice...
Now today's saturday... rmbr the matt guy ... well im meeting up with him today.... for drink at jack astors...please please be fun!!!!!!!!!!
adios blogsville!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

jim iyke??!!!!! what d hell????

Are you a fan of 9ja movies??? yuhh yuhhh most of us should be... i love em... and i only pick the ones with the known names in them.. u kno... stella damasus, ini edo, Genevieve... yuh... they make the movies very interesting.. from husband snatching to millionaire's club To cultism...9ja movies and their.."unique" story lines rock...
even when sometimes you can already predict the end!!! i will still watch em!!!!!!!!!!!
so who here is a fan of the "sexy" guys in the 9ja movie industry?? i'm talking bout..uh(insert the names you are thinking of here) ramsey noah, RMD,and ...jim iyke..
well see me see trouble oo... was surfing the net as usual when i came across something that made me think... everyone wants to go into the music industry.. its not even funny!! me sef i want to be a rapper when i graduate!!!!
Oh OK before i go further... i think jim iyke is hot....just look at this pic ...

hmmm nice uhuhh??!!!

apparently the not so hot part is that he has gone into the music industry....
and he shines brighter than the sun... just incase u dnt kno.... and he will shine over he says....
incase u don't know him.... he wants to remind you.. with this song...
who am i.... ft 2 face!!!!

ps : God bless 2face for trying to distract us from this mess... but we still see it!!!! this is crazy ishh!!!!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday loving for y'all!!!!!!!!!!!

Hows everyone doing??? gud i hope... yuuhh I've noticed most people have resumed school and all... i dnt resume till the 14th so I'm just chilling ...for now..
Well i want to introduce you to the most amazing singer I've ever come across... indeed he is amazing in his own way... show a brother some love... he wants you to sing with him...
This not one of them vids that is only enjoyable at the beginning.. make sure u listen till its done .. the end is the best part!!! u cant fast forward there...:p
(dnt forget to pause the music player on the blog page...)

will be back soon... i just had to share this with you guys ....

Omazing grace!!!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

sometimes..having your monthly gift is a blessing...

Just got this message... and i couldnt help but pass it along... most women need to be aware of the adverse side effects of these new pills in the market.. please feel free to express your opinion on the matter...

Dear Friend,

I’m sending this to all because of the sensitive nature of it. Guys, PLEASE forward to your sisters, mothers, girlfriends and in actual fact,all the ladies listed in your address book. You never know,you may save someone.

Recently this past week, a 31-year-old newly graduated student, with a doctoral degree about to start her new career as a Doctor, was flown into a nearby hospital, because she passed out. They found a blood clot in her neck, and immediately took her by helicopter to the ER to operate by the time they removed the right half of her skull to relieve the pressure on her brain, the clot had spread to her brain causing severe damage.. Since last Wednesday night, she was battling.. they induced her into a coma to stop the blood flow, They operated 3 times.. Finally, they said there was nothing left that they could do. They found multiple clots in the left side of her brain. The swelling wouldn't stop, and she was on life support. She died at 4:30 yesterday.
She leaves behind a husband and a 2yr old Brandon and a 4yr old Justin... The CAUSE of DEATH - they found was a birth control pill she was taking that allows you to only have your period 3 times a year... They said it interrupts life's menstrual cycle, and although it is FDA approved... shouldn't be - So to the
women in my address book - I ask you to deal with your period once a month - so you can live the rest of the months that your life has in store for you. Please send this to every woman you know - you may save someone's life....
Remember, you have a CYCLE for a reason!

The name of this new birth control pill is Lybrel. If you go to you will find at least 26 pages of information regarding this drug.
The second birth control pill is, Seasonique. If you go to the website you will find 43 pages of information regarding this drug. The warnings and side effects regarding both pills are horrible.
Please, please forward this information to as many daughters AND sons,co-workers, friends and relatives. Several lives have already been changed

Friday, August 14, 2009

its been a while...but i'm not coming back..

hmm... this summer has been very eventful i must say...what haven't i encountered??!! stupid group mates in school,endless projects,partying,getting my frnds drunk,montreal,the beach,break up,sad times..blogging... infact the list is endless...
i know i have no justification for being MIA.. but so much has happened.. and i shall cram all into one post...well.. i'ld try...where do i even start from? ok.. if i can't fit all in one post i'ld break them all accordingly... see i wanted to save you guys the random blog post..and give you guys real jist i might as well keep quiet until i have something abi??
ok so y'all rmbr a very sad period i went through abi? the break up? well.. i'm glad to say im quite over it,.. it seems wierd cuz months ago.. i felt like shit...but now i feel better honestly...ok so i know the break up was real bad .. but the ex and i are pretty much on talking terms now..we spoke about everything and how it happened,why i broke up with him cuz i felt he was just being a small boy and cannot handle the reponsibilities that comes with dating.He was honestly the first guy from my age group i've ever dated..and now i realise it was quite unfair to compare him to my previous relationships because i was his first gf and he was absolutely clueless on what to do...sometimes love isnt just enough... a guy can love you.. but its not enough to make a relationship last.Enough deep talks have passed through us.. i admit i was quite jealous of his new girl...but now im just calm about it..he talks to me that they are unofficial and he doesn't know.. i tell him to give it a try... u can never have what we had together with her but u might at least need to go out there and experience other relationships to fully understand why i let you go even when it hurt..and why i'm not coming back...He goes on and say how i ignored him at the beach...i tell him i was sick and cranky cuz my eyes got swollen on alabukun..he comments how sexy i looked in the bikini.. and i blush..i'm like its cool dude.. i hold no grudge against u.. i have a man now i absolutely care about.. he is all i can ask for in a man right now.. and i hope thats how your gf is to you.he replies confused and uncertain.."ühhh i dnt think so.."
" and the crew are hanging out on saturday..go karting and then a movie at my place..feel free to come over" he replies "sure ild make it.. my sis's bridal shower is that day.. but ild come over"
that day comes... im frazzeled as shit maen... dats bcos i have like 10 people in my house... somehow the news spread that i was hosting.. and lets say people love my cooking and decided to show up... i make fried rice and some chicken.. my frnd helps with the alcohol.. shots are gulped down..people are dancing to songs on gbedufiva and the guys are moving my tv and getting the movie stuff sorted out...
the ex comes in.. i give him a brief hug.. i'm glad you could make it... i notice he is wearing the jacket i got for him on his birthday..hmm..(dats wierd)
they all decided to watch a horror movie.. the see i don't do horror movies.. so i kept my lil ass in the kitchen and was watching the chicken....he comes over and holds me...
"arent you watching the movie with us?"
"nah maen,... i dnt do horror movies and you know that, i'ld rather wait for the next movie,besides.. i gotta watch this shit on the fire"
is it just me or is the tingling feeling i get when im close to him gone?wierd... just wierd!!
hours later.. they play another movie this one i decided to watch.. he is trying to engage in small talk with me...i'm a bit tipsy from the caramel shots and punch so i'm not really concentrating on what he was saying...
2.30am : movie is over..i look around the sitting room...everyone's knocked out!!! thats what you get with a punch that has a whole bottle of bacardi rum in it..the ex taps his friend to wake up so they leave..
"can't you see he is drunk?? the guy had half a bottle of jack daniel!! let him sleep jo" i tell him
"no dnt worry!! i'ld drive he should wake up jo!! i want to go home" he replies
his raised voice wakes most ppl up.. and people start to leave in groups..ppl hopping into thier cars and leaving..
his friend wakes up.. cranky as hell... and is like ok lets go...
the ex is out the door when i quickly rmbr i still have some of his personal stuff i had packed with intentions of giving him back.. i tell him and i rush up the get it.. and he follows me..
i hand him the bag and he sees the teddy bear.." why are you giving this to me?"
" cuz i dnt need them and i think its wrong for me to keep should have them"
" i feel insulted, i wore this jacket to show you how cool we wer and stuff and now you are returning all my gifts?"
" its no big deal honestly, i just dnt feel right keeping them..our relationship was a lie.. mostly from your part.. and i dnt like to keep souvernieurs of that kinda stuff"
he looks at me intensely." all that stuff i said to you during our break up was wrong.. i just said them to hurt you like you hurt me.. i truly did love you.. i still do"
i look at him with a raised eyebrow ...trying to play it cool... im like " oh should still take.." his friend yells "lets go now!!!! ive woken up and now u dnt want to go??!!"
i sigh.. i should'nt have allowed anyone drink :( " im talking to her give us a sec pls"he replies
" no ohh.. lets go now now" his frnd yells... i go downstairs to meet the friend " why are you shouting?? my housemates are sleeping naw!!!" i go outside and my ex comes to join us
his friend is in the car and i hug the ex... "thnx for coming i say" mid sentence he kisses me
i do not respond!!! i repeat!!! i did not respond!!!!
he was like.. we need to talk.. hops in the car and leaves....
i go inside.. sigh at the messy kitchen and living room... i'ld sort that tmw...
i go upstairs...he still left his stuff...!!! what is this guy up to i ask my self?... well... you wanna find out? thats for my next post!!! you would'nt believe what happened........

Monday, July 27, 2009

From facebook freaks to..

I'm john By Name,Am Totally single and Looking..I was searching
Through Some Bunch of Profiles Suddenly I came Across Yours It Seems
Very Nice To Me..I was Intrigue when I read Your Profile..I Hope you
are doing Great Today and Your Day went as You have always
wished...I'm Open Minded,Caring,Respective,Easy... Read more
Going,Compassionate,Tender Loving,Affectionate ,Trust Worthy ,Honest
and God Fearing..Am looking forward to meet an Intelligent, Honest
,Caring ,Faithful , loving Affectionate, loyal and understanding
man..I would Like to Know more about you...You Can email me me at

The randomness... yes... people like this do exist.. and they actually send msgs like this to ur inbox..all i need is a moment of ur time might not know me now...but you will get to know me and all that random shit...
who here does spring cleaning on thier facebook?? u kno...sweeping out all them random profiles of ppl you rarely keep in touch with.. or those numerous spam here(invite) party there...especially parties that are not in your vicinity..

This is a very random post..i kno i kno... im real hungry and instead of me to go cook im so effing lazy... i dnt feel like cooking at all....
im chatting with an oyinbo friend of mine ....lamenting my current situtation.. looks like he is coming over to take me for lunch.... :)
lets go to ye's sushi i a vegitarian he replies...(oyinbo boiz get wahala sha) trying to convince him to just eat rice and peas... or maybe we should do indian...(back to msn)
ohh wells.. we are heading for a sub...i just wanta get out of the house really... im tired of doing homework!! haba!!...
oohhh he is on his way...adios blogsville...


Sunday, July 26, 2009

From Montreal to Grand Bend beach!!!

i apologize for not updating my blog ... ive bin so busy... as vice president of the African students association in my school... Ive bin up to my ears with different stuff to take care of... we recently had an event at grand bend was awesome.. i still showed up even tho i was under the weather...
You wouldnt believe what happened... i had a terrible headache the day before... and i got Alabukun from a friend...yuh do u rmbr dat stuff? used for headaches back home in 9ja... well i tried it oohhh .. and i had a terrible reaction to it... my eyes got swollen and i looked like a piece of shit!! .. i was so concerned,..cuz i had the beach event to attend the next day at frnds wer just laffin at me.. as i tried to rectify my situation.My housemate recommended benadryl for me which i took every four hours...did d swelling reduce? only small oohh... i had to use the last wear shades throughout the event.. :(
the beach was nice... rocked a lovely bikini i got from shopping in Montreal the weekend before..but i couldn't really participate in the events cuz i felt real queasy and a bit nauseous...this left me feeling cranky half of the time we wer there :(
twas fun tho while it lasted..good times...good times...

ehen about Montreal!!!... i absolutely love that place... but if i go there to school i will fail like shege... parry every where mehnn... its was soo unreal... i didnt want to go back home... that kind of living i could get real used to u know...
We drove to Quebec..(with a couple of friends) a crazy 6hr drive... my ass was so hard from sitting down in d car mehn... and i got more excited as we got our first glimpse of the city... little European houses..ppl in bikes..french signs such as sortie...(stop) it was cute.. but the drivers in that city are crazy... they drive like danfo drivers back home....
we checked into our hotel... le saint malo... a tiny quaint looking hotel we found on hot wire..
the entrance was so nice and cute but when we got into our room it was like we wer thrown into a random hostel in 9ja...cracks in the wall, mildew on the shower curtains... i almost wept when i saw the place.. my frnds wer saying i shld calm down.. that im just being my usual diva self... but honestly the place was as crappy as shit!!! i don't have the pics here with me but im sure to collect them from my friend and upload later.... pinky swear!!
i called my pookie.. and he calmed me down... we headed out for dinner and when we got back...
sharp sharp we spoke to the concierge and carried our load to another hotel called the clarion.. which was way expensive but very worth it.... i didn't come to Montreal to sleep in a suffer suffer hotel oohhh!!!!
we went clubbing later that night at a club called altitude 737... it was awesome mehnn..its a nightclub located at the top floor in the highest building in Montreal.. the dj was awesome and amazing... the view was breathtaking....

yup dats the view .. crazy isn't it?..oohhh im so tired... ild update later...